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REPITGlampalm - Hair Straightener (GP313AL)

REPITGlampalm - Hair Straightener (GP313AL)

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Great for people with medium to long hair and specially designed for maximum straightening! The growing technology, makes it easier for women to be able to care for and maintain the beauty of their hair. One of them is using hair straightener. Hair straightener is very helpful for women in arranging their hair in a short time, such as using Glamlam Hair Straightener (GP 313 AL) with a 3 cm plate size ideal for medium / medium hair.rambut medium / sedang. Ceramic Healing stone technology Not only able to heat up quickly, this tool is also equipped with a ceramic plate coating made with Healing Stone technology, serves to avoid your hair from damage. This ceramic healing stone plate makes when hair straightening feels 3x finer than ordinary Ceramic plates. That way, now you don't have to worry about your hair being damaged even though you often do arrangements with this tool. Equipped with Intuitive LED Indicators, Ions and Far Infarred Ray GlamPalm is equipped with a blue LED light to indicate heat level indicators. Has 11 temperatures according to your taste. This tool can reach a rapid heat level in just 30 seconds, but can automatically turn off when it's too hot. If you accidentally leave it for 30 minutes, this tool is equipped with high security, where the tool will also turn off automatically to save energy. Floating Plate The plate is designed to move along the hair during styling so that the hair does not get stuck and protects the hair from damage. Curved body shape makes it easy for you to create a straight, curly and wave hairdo according to your wishes. 3D Ball Type Swivel System Very innovative design can be rotated 360 degrees and makes the cable not wrinkled and not easily damaged. Cable lines can follow your movements when styling. Heat Resistant Cap Safely storing your glampalm with a heat-resistant cover makes the plate not easily scratched. Universal Voltage 40 watt & 110-240 Volt.

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