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REPIT Titi Shinner (AG-TITI-F26)

REPIT Titi Shinner (AG-TITI-F26)

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Originating from TITI SHINNER

TITI comes from Spanish, which means teenagers or young women. in Korea, TITI is used as aegyo" or language to be used by the cute side SHINNER because the styling hair using TITI will be softer and shiny. Then according to the results obtained, we give it the name TITI SHINNER Why can PLAYERS?

Because it is equipped with IONIC & TITANIUM HEAT PLATE, while Negative Ions can be used to keep hair soft with shiny results. In addition, this Negative Ion will also divert hair cuticles to prevent the presence of FRIZZ on the hair tablets.



• has the ability to maintain good heat, faster and quality

• Titanium plates are also durable and last for years.

2. 7 Temperature settings

A choice of temperatures from 110 - 200 degrees is perfect for a variety of hair types

Hair Damage Extreme 110 - 130

Hair damage 150

Normal hair 170-180

Thick hair 190-200

3. Multi Styling

traight? Curly or Blow? All can be obtained with Titi Shinner

4. Funniest Hair Iron

This Peach Pink color will definitely make you shout "really funny"

5. Made in Korea

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