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Nina Ricci Luna Eau De Toilette 80 ml

Nina Ricci Luna Eau De Toilette 80 ml

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Lightness, instinct, sensuality. It is a fragrance, with exquisite curves and gourmand accents, to the cascading laughter and thrills of young girls. An unprecedented fragrance dedicated to life’s explorers. A fragrance with a vibrant intensity. A magnetic apple in blue and night hues. A leather tie delicately surrounds the neck while two quivering and determined golden leaves, abound with fine promises. Bold, irresistible and mysterious. Opting for a daring candied everlasting flower, a gourmand woody floral. Vibrant and insolent sensuality. Splashes of refreshing lime and tangerine drip over the jasmine, sparking a vibrant burst of floral citrus. As the scent warms on your skin, sticky streams of caramel pour over the base sweet base of vanilla.

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