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Perfect Health



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Infrared Program

Perfects the body's metabolism

Removing body toxins

Relax muscles and blood vessels

Description and Benefits

of Reflection / Glandular Blood Spots

Overcoming shoulder joint pain, difficulty wearing clothes, lifting items and difficulty combing hair

Trepezius muscles (in the neck & shoulders) left / right, overcoming shoulder and neck pain, opening nerves pinched on the shoulder.

Pancreas (stomach salivary glands), produce insulin to convert sugar into energy. And also produces enzymes or

stomach salivary glands as ulcer disease drugs.

Improve the body's metabolic system

There are trillions of cells in the body that work for the health of the body. The body cells will always change constantly.

Foot massage is very helpful in replacing dead body cells

Electric Voltage: 12 V

Power: 30 W

Weight: 6 Kg

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