Logo Ultima II

ULTIMA II believes that every woman deserve to be boldly beautiful in whoever they are. The brand, which launched in everyone’s dream place, New York City, in 1959, brings Relevant, Iconic, and Visionary as ULTIMA II’s brand DNA.

ULTIMA II supports female empowerment, believes in female powers, which are multidimensional, multi-talented, multi-faceted creatures capable of leading, earning, and experiencing the wider world. But, ULTIMA II also believes despite of the capability in power, women can be beautiful at the same time.

ULTIMA II is always be an iconic and visionary brand and brings the trend for every woman around the globe. We introduced “makeup-no-makeup” trend in 1980 for the first time and followed by many brands to radiate women’s natural beauty and to make women confident with their strength.

A visionary brand, ULTIMA II, cares every woman with its technology and proudly announces as The Collagen Expert from New York. ULTIMA II’s signature collagen technology is to protect women’s precious skin for long-last healthy, translucent, radiant skin look.