It was in 1963 that renoma opened its first full-scale preta porte boutique at Rue De La Pompe, the prime location within the 16th District of the city of Paris. It gained much spotlight for its unique fashion philosophy and creative designs, and grew to be a distinct and notable brand enjoying the patronage of many celebrities among who were noted musicians and movie directors. To name a few they were Yves Saint Laurent, James Brown, Andy Warhol, and Serge Gainsbourg, all of whom were significantly influential as fashion trend setters of the 60’s and the 70’s. Renoma reflects the snappy fashion taste of trueborn Parisians. What has now become a daily norm of men “wearing a jacket on top of a denim pants to lunch” was unthinkable in the days prior to renoma recommending its style. How to get dressed is a simplified expression of a person’s lifestyle and feelings. It is by which that an individual’s personal sense of value is born. Simply but not commonly dressed, “Dressed Down” is a value creation measure and design concept that renoma has been traditionally recommending. The new arrivals of “renoma underwear” Collection, which is an expression of an “out-of-the-box playful spirit,” are lined up into 4 categories of <BASIC> <SPORTS> <CLASSIC> <ART>. The launching of their initial sales will commence on October 28, 2016 from the on-line store.