Mundo Unico has arrived, and we are decisively planning to stay. We are Colombian based premium underwear and swimwear manufacturers with more than 20 years on the market, that are principally concerned about high-quality modern men products. Multi- featured underwear is designed by Mundo Unico to establish fine features with style, excellency-focused craftsmanship, and modern printed techniques.

Nowadays, specific characteristics are looked by clients around the world whenever their purchasing process is taking place, knowing that, we have pre-arranged our manufacture process to have all of our items thought through in the finest detail,  not content with just that, we concentrate our efforts on fulfilling your underwear or swimwear shopping experience.

We elaborate numerous products that cover extended kinds of designs, starting from our worldwide famous boxer briefs to the most innovating swimwear there is, just because we think that an important trademark for us is premium quality and also covering meaningful aspects of underwear and swimwear creation.

The originality of our products is directly proportional to our creativity. When we set a new campaign or category, we set the main goal, which is your passing through our new website an opportunity to discover a new world on underwear commencement, or if you are a constant to client give you new features and dispositions to have you involved in all our products and outlines.

Our Company sells one of the greatest and most prominent underwear and swimwear products in order to reach out the needs of our clients, that is why we offer you multiple collections and a permanent line, where superior products and materials are found. We definitively believe in deluxe materials, Mundo Unico has enhanced underwear manufacture process with components such as Microfiber, Cotton, Nylon and Spandex to name a few.