MAKE UP FOR EVER works and creates products for the makeup artists in all areas of the entertainment world, from music stage to fashion, photo shoots, cinema and television. Each product developed stems from a professional need; each franchise corresponds to a professional performance. For example, a new lipstick created for a movie or a play, false eyelashes that stand out during a musical performance, foundation that lasts through hours of uninterrupted dance rehearsals, or extra-fine invisible powders for television and cinema.

On stage, artists and makeup artists need reliable partners as much as never-fail products. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s performance is based on its expertise in knowing how to create the right product for all artists in every venue.

Life is a stage where everyone performs their part. On stage, on a catwalk, on a TV show or in daily life, makeup transforms and reveals the different facets of one’s personality. The brand truly believes that everyone can embody different characters and play with many various roles. That’s why MAKE UP FOR EVER strives not only to be at the service of stage performers, but also to help everyone celebrate and embrace their true selves.

Founded in 1984 in Paris, MAKE UP FOR EVER has been part of the world leader luxury group LVMH since 1999. MAKE UP FOR EVER is distributed in over 60 countries and in more than 2200 points of sale around the world. All the stores offer a backstage pass into the world where professional makeup artists, creative artists and every day women discover and join in on our passion.