PT. Sumberdipta Asia is a company that was established on September 5th 1992, offering various men’s fashion and accessories under the brands of Henry Adams and Noi Iou. By 2003, due to the success of our brands, we have been included as one of the biggest clothing company in Indonesia. We make a wide range of men’s clothes such as formal button up, casual shirt, accessories to leather products. The market greeted us warmly and until now, our products have been distributed to big cities across the country.

With the market targeted to exclusive men who wants to look attractive and elegant but still think about comfort, Henry Adams and Noi Iou as a fashion retail always push forward our customer’s satisfaction. We will also keep renewing our product’s designs along while improving the quality.

Many of executive men had enjoyed the excellence of our products. Not just individual customers, list of big companies has also put their trusts on us to provide the best uniform for their staffs. Now, it’s your time to enjoy the excellent quality of our men’s fashion line.